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Icom IC-7610 HF/50Mhz 100W


Icom IC-7610 är icom senaste SDR radio.

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Icom IC-7610 är icom senaste SDR radio. Denna är utrustad med bla dubbla mottagare & uttag för extern skärm.

More about the IC-7610 HF/50 MHz 100 W SDR transceiver

Following on from the technology incorporated into the IC-7300, the IC-7610 adopts the same RF direct sampling system for signal processing. By converting the analogue signal directly to a digital signal and processing it within the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), it provides improved transmission phase noise and excellent RMDR of 105 dB (at 1 kHz detuning).

The IC-7610 will have two independent receivers, enabling simultaneous reception of two frequencies in different bands/different modes.

The IC-7610 will also feature high-speed, high-resolution performance. The real-time spectrum scope supports different bands and a dual display that can monitor different modes. It will also have a waterfall display function that displays received signals in time sequence. The DIGI-SEL unit will be available to both the main side and the sub side of the receiver. In addition, the IC-7610 adopts a large 7-inch full-colour touch screen panel.

Main features include:

• Further evolved RF direct sampling method. 
• Excellent RMDR: 105 dB realized.
• Dual watch function can receive simultaneously in different bands and different modes. 
• DIGI-SEL unit that eliminates excessively strong signals is installed in the main and sub of the receiving section.
• High-speed real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display function. 
• 7-inch full-colour touch panel, outstanding operation and visibility

The IC-7610 adops the direct sampling method debuted in the IC-7300for signal processing. By converting the analog signal directly to a digital signal and processing it within the FPGA, resulting in improved transmission phase noise and excellent RMDR of 105 dB (at 1 kHz detuning)Furthermore, it has two independent reception circuits of main/sub of identical performance, and it enables simultaneous reception of different bands/different modes.

Boasting high-speed, high-resolution performance, a real-time spectrum scope also supports different bands / dual display that can monitor different modes. It also has a waterfall display function that displays received signals in chronological order. Also, the DIGI-SEL unit is mounted on each of the main side and the sub side of the receiver. Shut out powerful radio waves from shortwave broadcast stations. In addition, it adopts a large 7-inch full-color touch panel, improving visibility of various setting information and intuitive operation.

In addition to high basic performance including RF direct sampling method, this machine with many new functions is an authentic HF transceiver that fascinates a wide range of amateur radio users.

100W model of the IC-7610 is HF plus 50MHz band. Although the IC-7600 of the successor in the position of the middle class, has raised a considerable performance than the IC-7600 is "up the performance model change". 

The most significant change, the reception unit from the conventional super-heterodyne system lies in that the same "direct sampling method" and IC-7300. Equipped with a real-time scope, the same as can be "full dual watch" and IC-7851. The main band and sub-band is completely independent, each different frequency and different mode can now receive simultaneously. Antenna can also be connected to those of another, respectively, the speaker also connect those of another two systems. Can be output be divided left and right in the headphone.

● 2 system completely independent of the receiving circuit of

● 7-inch wide color liquid crystal display (touch panel)

● receiving unit direct sampling method. There is no frequency conversion, is suddenly put to the AD converter to receive signal. It has put a filter and Dejiseru to both the main side and the sub side. It is taking considerable cost here

● Main, with each of the sub-receiving circuit, turn off the proximity disturbing wave Dejiseru (DIGI-SEL: digital pre-selector) standard with. Its performance is equivalent to the IC-7851. Automatically operated in conjunction with frequency, exclusion capacity for interference is quite high. This receiving ability was remarkably improved from the IC-7300

● RMDR that shows how much strong to interference from strong signal of the proximity frequency is, in design so that Semareru to 110dB of IC-7851 (at 1kHz detuning), currently about 105dB. By the way, in 2008 the launch of RMDR of IC-7600 is a 80dB about in "the time of 2kHz detuning". If you're RMDR characteristic "local station is not fogged." When weak DX station split specified, hear be sent pounding away 2 ~ 3kHz

● surpasses the transmission phase noise characteristics are also conventional machines, which take about 135dB at the time of 1kHz detuning. The transmission signal is issued directly from the DA converter (DUC: digital up-conversion method)

● dual type scope is capable of displaying the main sub at the same time the status of the band can be seen

● built-in speaker is also large in size. The speaker itself is whether it is the same diameter as the IC-7300, the sound quality by the amount of a larger speaker BOX in the custom design has been improved

● USB terminal is two in front, equipped with two on the back. Connection of the mouse and keyboard can also be, it can also be used to rig control. It may supply power to the connected device. Also supports charging of the smartphone

● equipped with the external digital display terminal (DVI)

● The SD card slot equipment, firmware updates easy

● It is also possible to listen to the main and sub with a single antenna, also possible to divide the use antenna in the main and sub. Can also "diversity reception" to receive the same frequency with a different antenna. AGC control can also be separately

● adopt a BNC connector terminal with excellent characteristics such as the RX ANT IN / OUT and transverter back

● USB terminal specifications are not FIX, but the conventional machine rig control and audio input and output, which can also be in, such as a virtual COM port is of course compatible. Or under consideration can not be increased to be able to further



Frekvens TX
HF Amatörradio (1.8-30MHz)
Frekvens TX
6M (50-54MHz)

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Icom AH-730 Antenn tuner 1.8-50Mhz

Icom IC-7610 HF/50Mhz 100W

Icom IC-7610 är icom senaste SDR radio.

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