Zodiac Neo BT 68/69MHz

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Zodiac Neo is the latest addition to Zodiac's hunting radio with built-in blue tooth. Neo is a robust professional radio that has a simple and easy-to-operate menu with the main features. Adapted for the conditions we have in the Nordic region and the way we use a hunting radio.

A clear and simple menu system makes NEO an easy to navigate with a large and clear screen/display.

Make: Zodiac Neo
Frequency: 68-82 MHz (pre-programmed with 18 channels 69MHz)
Power output: Up to 5 W, adjustable
IP: IP54
Pilotton: 51 pcs
Battery: 1800 mAh
Speech distortion: No
Whisper: Yes
Scanning: Yes
Size: 54x102x40 mm
Weight: 248g
Other features: Open speaker, simple menu, button lock.
Warranty: 3 years

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Zodiac Neo BT 68/69MHz

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