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Xiegu X5105 HF/50MHz QRP Transceiver

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Ultra-portable all-band and all-mode QRP transceiver with built-in 3800mAh battery pack.
It also has built-in antenna tuner which makes it a very complete QRP station.

Frequency   1.0-55MHz (TX on amateur radio bands)
Mother   CW, SSB, AM, FMN
Max power output, all bands   >4.5 Watt SSB, >1.5 Watt AM carrier
Memory   100 channels
Antenna socket   BNC female 50ohm
Size   160 x 100 x 46 mm
Input voltage   13,8 VDC +/- 15%
Power   RX 660mA , TX 2,5A 
Weight   0.9 kg 
Heavy duty construction for use in the field
Easy to read 3.6" LCD screen

DC Cable
English user manual

Product Details

Xiegu X5105 QRP

Ja vad skall man säga, allt i ett i samma skal, batteri som levererar som det skall och antennatuner och en fantastisk mottagning.

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3800 mAh Replacement battery pack for Xiegu X5105

Xiegu X5105 HF/50MHz QRP Transceiver

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