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Degen DE13 "World Receiver" AM/FM Emergency Solar Radio

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The Degen DE13DSP Emergency AM/FM/SW Solar Powered Radio is the perfect radio to take with you to keep in touch with the outside world whilst camping or bushing walking. The Tecsun DE13DSP Emergency AM/FM/SW Solar Powered Radio includes a inbuilt Solar Panel and Dynamo hand crank charger that allow you to recharge the internal battery or charge any device by USB or mini USB including your mobile phone.

The Degen DE13DSP Emergency AM/FM/SW Solar Powered Radio can receive radio stations in the AM/MW, FM, and Shortwave radio bands all of which are typically used to by emergency broadcasters. This receiver will allow reception of MW stations unable to be heard using other emergency radios, due to the implementation of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

The Degen DE13DSP Emergency AM/FM/SW Solar Powered Radio also includes a torch and siren for emergency situations, when you need to gain to attention of emergency services, family, or rescuers.

The Degen DE13DSP Emergency AM/FM/SW Radios compact size means you can throw it in a backpack, glovebox, or your emergency kit and have the confidence of being able to listen in to the radio, use the torch, or charge your mobile phone without fresh batteries!

Severe bushfire, cyclone, and flood emergencies highlight the benefits of having an emergency radio at your disposal. Long after the power has failed, the Degen DE13 Emergency AM/FM/SW Solar Powered Radio will keep you in contact with the outside world. Weighing only 230 grams, this receiver is light enough to be kept in your backpack for emergencies.


FM stereo, MW and SW 1/2 coverage

Dynamo hand crank for power generation (charge your mobile phone)

Solar Power charging (5V)

Tuning and charging LED indicators

Triple LED torch

Personal locator siren and visible beacon

External mini USB socket for external charger

USB output socket for charging mobile phones

Internal 600mAh Ni-Mh battery pack

Can be powered by AAA batteries

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) utilised for clearer reception



FM 87-108 MHz

MW 520-1710 kHz

SW1 5.9-9.5 MHz

SW2 9.5-18 MHz





Selectivity: 40dB

Max. Output power: about 100mW

Max. volume Output Current: 120mA

Speaker: 50mm diameter

Earphones: 3.5mm phono plug

Power supply : Batteries:3 ×AAA size battery (1.5V) ; DC 5V;NI-MH battery;Solar power

Weight : Approx 256g

Dimensions (W x H x D):133*62*47mm

package includes

1 x DE13DSP Radio

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x English Manual

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Tecsun AN-48X Loop antenna

Degen DE13 "World Receiver" AM/FM Emergency Solar Radio

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