SDRplay RSPduo 1kHz to 2GHz

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RSPduo is a 14-bit Dual Receiver SDR receiver that does everything that RSP2 can do, but allows you to simultaneously monitor two completely separate 2MHz spectrum anywhere between 1kHz and 2GHz.

The new features coming in RSPduo are:

• The ability to simultaneously receive two fully independent 2MHz spectrum anywhere between 1kHz and 2GHz
• Simultaneous processing from two antennas makes it possible to find directions, interference, etc.
• Ideal for full-band double reception, e.g. HF + VHF or VHF + UHF
• Simultaneous Dump1090 and VHF ATC reception
• Simultaneous monitoring and recording of 2EST ISM tapes
• Use SDRuno to control and manage the dual receiver in a single environment.

Note that RSPduo can still receive, monitor and record up to 10MHz spectrum at a time, the same as RSP1A and RSP2/RSP2pro with a simple tuner mode

RSPduo is mounted in a metal housing

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SDRplay RSPduo 1kHz to 2GHz

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