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Chelegance JPC-7 Portable HF Dipole Antenna 7-52 Mhz

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Chelegance's JPC-7 is a shortened, portable dipole (aka "rotating dipole") for the bands 40m to 6m. When assembled, the dipole span is 6.56m, disassembled, only about 35cm and with a weight of only 1.8 kg.

The feeding takes place via the supplied 1:1 balun which has a PL connection.The dipole arms are attached to the antenna base and are adjustable in tilt. This means that different types of antennas, eg horizontal or V-shaped.

The two spools with side spigots make quick tape selection easy, supported by markings for the 20m and 40m tapes. The center of the dipole has an NPT 1/2 inch thread on the underside, so it can easily be mounted on a pipe or other mast.

Frequency: 7-52 Mhz (40-6m)
Power: 100W
Connection for coax: SO-239 (PL female)
VSWR: Less than 1:3
Weight: approx. 1.8 kg

The package includes:

1 x antenna base
1 x 1:1 Choke Balun
2 x 2.5 meter telescopic rods 2.5m
2 x Multiband reel
4 x Aluminum pipe feet 19 x 320 mm
2 x Rotating arm kit
2 x brass connector
1 x Mounting strap for Balun
1 x tripod adapter
1 x User Manual (English)
1 x Carrying case 37 x 23 cm

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Chelegance JPC-7 Portable HF Dipole Antenna 7-52 Mhz

Chelegance JPC-7 Portable HF Dipole Antenna 7-52 Mhz

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