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AnyTone D578UV PRO DMR VHF/UHF with GPS and Bluetooth

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Finally, Anytones long awaited mobile rig D578UV ON G, It meets DMR Tier I & II requirements, genuine duplex as well as simultaneous reception of two different frequencies (Analog+DMR or Analog +Analog).

The radio can accommodate 250 zones (160 channels per zone), 4,000 channels, 10,000 voice groups and 200,000 digital contacts.
It has the same ability to use different IDs on different channels as the AT-D878 (the radio can handle up to 250 custom IDs)

Frequency range RX 136-174MHz, 400-480MHz
Frequency range TX 144-146MHz, 430-440MHz
Channels 4000pcs
Contacts 200.000pcs
Zones 250pcs (160can per zone)
Display 1.77 inch TFT Color LCD
Operating voltage 13.8vdc
Power output 50W/25W/10W (max 60W VHF, max 50W UHF)
Bandwidth 12.5K/25K (Analog); 12.5K (DMR)
APRS Both analog and digital
Ton call DTMF/2-ton/5ton, CTCSS & 1750Hz

The radio is supplied with:

GPS antenna
Programming cable
Blue Tooth PTT
Charging cable for blue tooth PTT
Velcro for blue tooth PTT
English manual for radio & Bluetooth
Current cabling including fuse holder
Mounting bracket including screw

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Anytone Bluetooth headset

AnyTone D578UV PRO DMR VHF/UHF with GPS and Bluetooth

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