Alinco DX-10 Allmode 28-30Mhz

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A simple & nice mobile station for 10m, successor to alinco DR-135DX

Unlike the much larger SS-6900N, the DX-10 even fits in the car's DIN slot.
However, there is currently no suitable DIN holder for it and some cars may have problems with the installation depth (21.3 cm from the front panel to the heatsink).

Frequency range   28-30MHz
Mode of TRAFFIC   AM / FM / LSB / USB / CW / PA
Power   AM / FM / CW: 12W, SSB 21W
Rising   10 Hz / 100 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz
Features   Skydd mot hög swr & spänning
    Programeringsbar via pc (kräver kabel)
    Echo funktion
    +10Khz omkopplare
    Roger pip
    plus mkt mera funktioner
Power consumption   Max 5-6 A (vid 13,8 VDC)
Drive voltage   13,8 VDC (+/-10%)
Size   approx. 170 x 215 x 52 mm fit in your socket on the car
Weight   about 1,7 kg

Supplied with:
Hand microphone
DC Cable
Mobile phone holder
English manual
English user manual

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CRE-8900/AT-6666/SS-9900 USB Cable

Alinco DX-10 Allmode 28-30Mhz

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