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Cable for PC headsets 3.5mm jack, 8-pin round



Sturdily made using high quality components, our PC microphone adapter allows you to use a vast range of affordable PC (computer) headsets and microphones with your Icom transceiver (with 8 pin round microphone connector). Perfect for rag-chewing, contesting or even making up a hands-free mobile installation.

3.5mm jack socket for PC microphone

1/4" (6.35mm) jack socket for optional PTT input

Approx. 15cm long

Important information: It is widely acknowledged that many Icom transceivers have low microphone gain. Please read the information below before purchasing.

The following Icom transceivers have plenty of mic. gain and should give excellent results:

IC-746Pro, IC-756Pro inc. Pro III, IC-7300, IC-7400, IC-7600, IC-7610, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-9700.

These transceivers have less mic. gain but may give good results if your microphone has plenty of output, or the radio has been modified to improve the mic. sensitivity:

IC-735, IC-745, IC-751, IC-761, IC-765, IC-781, IC-746 (non-pro), IC-756 (non-pro), IC-7200

All older models (those that have a pre-amplifier in their hand microphone) are very unlikely to give satisfactory results.

For use with microphones & headsets designed to connect to a PC sound card microphone input and fitted with a 3.5mm stereo (TRS) jack plug. The adapter cable not only connects the audio, but also provides the 5V DC supply required by PC electret (condenser) microphones, sourced from the radio's microphone socket. Simply connect the 3.5mm microphone plug to the corresponding socket on the adapter. If you have a PTT hand or foot switch, connect it to the ¼" jack socket, or use VOX if you prefer. For headsets, just connect the headphones to your radio in the normal way. Wiring diagrams are included so you can use this adapter with almost any 2 pin or 3 pin electret microphone element which will work off a 5V DC supply.

Use any of these with your transceiver:

Sleek lightweight open headsets

Studio style condenser PC type microphones

Sturdy full headphones with boom microphones

Comfortable top-end gaming headsets

Tie-clip electret microphones for mobile use

The 3.5mm socket is wired to suit the majority of PC microphones. We have tested a range of PC microphones and headsets. Although some cheaper models can give excellent results, we recommend well-known brands such as Logitech or Yamaha which consistently produce good reports. Some (mainly very cheap) microphones may not work. Re-wiring the 3.5mm plug on the microphone will usually rectify this and details are provided. We have also found that many of the cheap microphones do not use screened (shielded) cable and pick up a lot of hum or RF.

Because of the presence of the DC supply voltage, this adapter should not be used for dynamic microphones like the Heil Proset. We also sell the correct adapters for Heil headsets, cables for dynamic studio microphones, foot & hand PTT switches and many other useful items.

This adapter is for the microphone and PTT connections only. Additional adapters may be required for headphones. Not for USB headsets or microphones.

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Hand PTT switch for Heil and others

Cable for PC headsets 3.5mm jack, 8-pin round

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