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Rental of com radio incl. monophone


Rental of com radio including monophone

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Rental of com radio including monophone

(The price of the product is based on the rental of a complete package)

We now offer a service where you as a company can rent a complete package of 8 small and easy-to-use robust handheld devices.
It is used on the license-free PMR446 band where no permissions are required.
We send them pre-programmed and therefore very easy for you as a customer to just pick them up and use them.

They are ideal for users in cafés, events, catering, shows/fairs but also in outdoor life, winter/summer facilities, etc.

The radio has an operating time of approx. 20 hours when fully charged (USB) and is water resistant.

We can also assemble for more permanent solutions such as warehouses, agriculture, contracting companies, shopping centers, etc. 

(Contact us at info@limmared.nu)

The radio (incl. monophone MH-186LS)

Radio: 50 × 94 × 26.5mm
Weight: 156g 

Large high-resolution display with backlit reinforced LCD screen.
Clear information with selected channel, battery time and settings.

Simple handling:

The IC-U20SR has two programmable buttons, an orange one located on the top of the radio to be used for emergency calls,
while the other is located on the side below the PTT for Call / Smart Call functions.
Call ring means that you can call a radio and the receiver's radio will dial.
With Smart Call is that you can check if the recipient is within range and get a confirmation through a call signal.

The user-friendly keyboard has been designed for easy use of the device. 

The set (8 pieces) includes for each radio:

Monophone HM-186LS
Table charger
Li-Ion battery BP-304A 2350 mAh
Belt clip (for hands free)


We always contact you as a customer to review the rental agreement before we send the radio equipment.

You can always email us at: info@limmared.nu

Starting fee SEK 350 / rental occasion (all packages).

Radio equipment SEK 236/radio/week (8 radios)
Total week 1: SEK 350 + 236*8 = SEK 2,238 (excl. VAT at least 1 week rental period)
Total week 2: 196*8 = SEK 1,568 (excl. VAT connected after week 1)

Radio equipment SEK 260/piece / 2-5 radios/week  

Total week 1: ex. SEK 350 + 260*5 = SEK 1,650 (excl. VAT at least 1 week rental period)
Total week 2: ex. 236*5 = SEK 1,180 (excl. VAT connected after week 1)

You can always email your questions for us at: info@limmared.nu

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Icom IC-U20SR PMR446 handheld radio

Rental of com radio incl. monophone

Rental of com radio including monophone

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