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President Washington 10/12m Allmode 80W

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The most important functions at a glance:

A large, backlit LCD multifunction display showing S-Meter, Power-Meter, SWR, Status and Channel/Frequency
Display with switchable lighting colors
6 switchable country standards
Manual and automatic squelch (ASC)
Roger beep (can be switched off)
Combined knob (coax) for volume and squelch (plus ASC)
Clarifier knob for adjusting the SSB reception signal
Adjustable receiver sensitivity (RF gain) and microphone gain (mic gain)
Simultaneous display of frequency and channel
New: Display of the supply voltage
Keyboard acknowledgment tones (can be switched off)
Switchable keyboard lock
Search (scan), either all channels or memory scan
4 fixed channels for storage (memory channels)
Dual Channel Monitoring (DW)
Two priority channels configurable
ANL/NB and Hi/Cut, switchable
Noise gate and NRC switchable
integrated announcement function (PA)
switchable and adjustable ECHO with echo stage and delay stage
TOT function, the transmission is interrupted after 5 minutes of continuous transmission (cannot be switched off!)
Integrated acoustic SWR measurement function for checking the standing wave of the connected antenna
6-pin microphone socket, GDCH standard assignment with change in channel selection
Vox function for hands-free operation, with adjustable parameters
Jack for external speaker
Socket for additional microphone in Vox mode
Robust up/down microphone

Frequency range   24.890-24.990 & 28.000- 29.700MHz
Mode   AM / FM / LSB / USB 
Power   AM 20W FM 50W SSB 80W PEP
Other features   Auto squelch (ASC)
    Vox (hands free)
    4st Memmory
    +10Khz switch
    Roger pip, NRC
    NB+ANL/Hi-Cut filter
Current drain   Max 12 A (13,8 VDC)
Power supply   13,8 VDC (+/-10%)
Size   ca. 170 x 250 x 52mm (HxBxD)
Weight   1,4 kg

Packing includes:

Mounting Materials

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President Remote Mike

President Washington 10/12m Allmode 80W

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