Dipoflex - Dipole and Grounding Cable

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The DIPOFLEX cable is the best solution for the construction of dipole antennas.

The 1.25- Sq mm.  conductor ensures excellent conductivity at all frequencies.
The mechanical seal is guar-anteed by the strong and flexible rope composed by 19 copper wires.
The sheath of polyethylene with anti-UV additives in the compound, ensures a long life even under extreme conditions.

Dipole antenna wire, made of pure copper geometrically stranded.
Conductor: Copper 19 X 0,29mm (19 X 0.011 in)
Diameter: 1,45 mm (0.057 in)
Section: 1,25 sq.mm (0.0019 in2)
Electrical resistance: 15 Ohm/Km (4.6 Ohm/1000ft)
Max. applicable Power = 4000W
Sheath: PE black with UV filter
Diameter: 3.1 mm (0.122 in)
Tear resistance: 45 Kg (99.2 lb)
Velocity Factor: VF = 1 (299.792 Km/S)
Weight: 1,338 Kg/100m (2.95 lb/100ft

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Dipoflex - Dipole and Grounding Cable

Dipoflex - Dipole and Grounding Cable

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