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Spiderbeam 7m mini fiberglass mast


Telescopic fiberglass mast 7 meters.

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Spiderbeam fiberglass poles are extremely strong, with a much larger wall thickness than the typical "fishing rod" types.

It uses a special reinforced winding technique - where several layers of fiberglass are wound in alternating directions (cross-wound) - required to greatly increase lateral and linear strength. Spiderbeam Mini posts have a much larger overlap between the segments than most other fiberglass posts, some ensure stronger joints between the segments and result in a much stronger post.

Telescopic fiberglass mast with 11 sections.
Made of black fiberglass which is UV protected.

Easy to carry and install in minutes.

Transport lenght   Ca 71cm
Max lenght   Ca 7m
Pipe diameter   50/6mm
Sektiones   11st
Wheight   1,1kg
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guyrope Mastrant-P 4 mm 100m

Spiderbeam 7m mini fiberglass mast

Telescopic fiberglass mast 7 meters.

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