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AlphaDelta DX-A 40, 80 och 160 m sloper

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Wire Antenna BandWire Antenna Frequency
160 meters 1.8 MHz
80 meters 3.5 MHz
40 meters 7.0 MHz

Alpha Delta Twin Sloper Antennas combine the tremendous DX firepower of the quarter wave sloper with the wide bandwidth of the half wave dipole. These model DX-A twin slopers are designed to cover 160, 80 and 40 meters.

One leg is 67 ft. long, while the other is 60 ft. long. The sloper antennas install like an inverted-V with ground return accomplished through the tower or down-lead. These antennas utilize stainless steel hardware, 12-gauge solid copper wire, and efficient Alpha Delta "Iso-Res" RF choke coils.

Twin sloper antennas are designed for use on an un-guyed metal tower with a beam on top. The beam provides a capacity hat effect and helps to tune the twin slopers.

NOTE: It is possible that the introduction of the sloper antennas into a tower system employing multiple guy wires or other attached wire antennas may cause a slight detuning of the sloper antennas. Other installation types will require the use of an outboard wide-range antenna tuner.

Time-proven antennas are always good values. Order Alpha Delta Twin Sloper Antennas from DX Engineering and enjoy some vintage wire antenna performance!

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AlphaDelta DX-A 40, 80 och 160 m sloper

AlphaDelta DX-A 40, 80 och 160 m sloper

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