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Welcome to our world of radio communication!

Radio communications in Sweden are regulated by PTS - the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority. They regulate which and how frequencies may be used.

There are frequencies locked-in to the police and authorities, defence and other social functions, then there are free channels that we can all use, with polite language and good manners. There are also rules for how the equipment should be used and how it is constructed.

More about the rules and references can be found on PTS.se


Licence-free channels in Sweden

For us in the business, there is first and foremost 27Mhz, private-band (people-band), where many have started their career once upon a time.
With approved equipment, there are 40 free channels at 27Mhz.


Professional radio in Sweden

"If you need to talk - come to us for a walk"

We offer solutions for many professions, large and small, such as: 

- Security company 

- Hauliers 

- Racetracks

- Contracting companies

- Machin service company

- Agricultural holding

Any company or job you have that wants easier communication.

Check with us 0325 - 660 660 or info@limmared.nu and we will help you!


Who has the privilege of working with one/their hobby!

Manuel - whose career began as a little boy with a radio that was "a whole piece of furniture made of wood" with ordinary radio channels.

In the mid-80's he got his first World Radio - a Grundig Satellite (like the Tecsun S-2000) where eavesdropping at that time was a whole world that opened up. At the end of the 80's became a Radio Amateur  with certificates and since then this company have existed.

Those of you who have been around since then know that it started with Firma Manuel Larsson in 1988, continued with Limmared's HAM Center in 1996 (everyone thought we would sell ham :-)) That sadly ended 2004. Then in 2007 Firma Manuel Larsson rose again, and since 2012
Aktiebolaget Limmared Radio & Data was formed and is still going strong.

So again - Welcome to our world of radio communication!