This information is to update you on a bit of this and that,
so check in and stay updated.


As you may have noticed, we are currently having problems with the SHIPPING options.

Post Nord has cancelled its agreements with us and we can no longer use Post Nord's freight options

at the prices we have previously been able to offer (we are too small a customer).

We are in the process of updating all the shipping options on the page BUT it may take some time before everything is ready.

Feel free to contact us at or call 0325 - 660 660

If you don't get a choice of shipping when you order. 


From All of us to All of you -

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Radio Year.


We thank you for all the attention due to our grand opening of the store in Tranemo.

There will be some delays on the deliveries in the coming weeks due to the move of the warehouse,

but we are working on as much and fast as we can.