SYN 2100 MHz +23 dBm 3G repeater

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Syn-W23L-S is a band selective (20 MHz width) 2100 MHz repeater specially designed for Swedish requirements and wishes.

A new generation of repeaters that are significantly smaller and more power efficient (develop less heat) than previous models in the same power class.

This model is adapted for medium sized offices/warehouses up to about 1500m2 in office environments or up to about 3000m2 in very open spaces. Note! All size statements are only meant as an estimate. All installations are unique and must be calculated individually.

It is configurable to allow the installer to change the center frequency. In addition, the ability to configure a number of other parameters via Touch Screen

Syn-W23L-S has built-in "Uplink Sleep Mode" or so-called "Silent Mode" that protects the operator's base stations from noise/load when no one behind the repeater speaks on the phone. I.e. the repeater turns off the signal to the operator's base station when no traffic occurs behind the repeater. This happens in milliseconds. This is a feature that is usually only available in more powerful and significantly more expensive repeaters.

The repeater normally runs in a fully automatic mode that tests signal forces and possible signal leakage between internal and external antennas during boot to set the repeater and alert if it detects potential signal leakage that could result in Feedback.

The repeater also has automatic shut-down in case of excessive signal leakage or feedback. All to prevent problems for you and the operators.

An LCD display shows signal strength in and out as well as gain factor both in uplink and downlink as well as center frequencies in Uplink/Downlink.

Normally, the repeater runs in auto mode. But if you need to manually set the backup then do it with the buttons or software (locally via usb cable). Touch Screen

Proper antenna connectors (N-type) are screwed in the metal chassis to connect even coarse cables.

Unique features with SYN-W23L-S

    A real band-selective 2100 MHz repeater (i.e. approved by the operators)
    LCD Touch Display but setting of gain and Uplink/Downlink frequency
    Uplink Sleep Mode - saves resources for the operator
    High output for multiple indoor atenners - +23 dBm
    RED CE/3GPP tested and approved.
    Adjustable center frequency
    Automatic adjustment of reinforcement
    Built-in protection against feedback/self-turning
    Automatic test procedure of antenna separation, signal strength and gain during start-up

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3G panel antenna 17dBi with 10m cable

SYN 2100 MHz +23 dBm 3G repeater

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